Free bicycles

Arena One 99 Glamping introduces another novelty - city bicycles that are free to use for all glamping guests. All those who want to enjoy and explore the natural beauty of this area can now do it by riding a bicycle inside the glamping. The bikes are lightweight and equipped with fast and light tires. Guests can use them to explore the glamping, to go for a lunch or a swim. They are intended for everyone.

Bikes can be picked up at a reception from 0-24 h, where detailed information is also available as well as the map of the glamping. In addition to the reception, guests can pick up bicycles next to the restaurant, beach bars and the wellness center. There is no limit to when bicycles have to be returned, they can be used the whole day. Bikes can be returned to the same place they were picked up at. In case guests wish to return bicycles at a time a pick-up place is closed, they can leave them at the reception.
We wish you a great time!