The idea of installing birdhouses in the newly opened glamping resort Arena One 99 Glamping arose from the collaboration between Arena Hospitality Group and Robert Pauletta, an artist from Pula. A little more than 50 bird houses, all unique and highly aesthetic, create an outdoor museum inside the glamping resort.

When creating the birdhouses, Robert Pauletta used only ecological materials (wood). He also painted and varnished them with water-based paints. There are several types of birdhouses, differing in size and entrance holes. They were constructed to accommodate various birds species that inhabit Southern Istria (swallow, Eurasian scops owl, common redstart, goldfinch, owl etc.).  Along with the creation and preservation of an ecological environment suitable for life and reproduction of birds, this project is also intended for the glamping guests as well as for the general public who has the opportunity to learn about the diverse world of birds in southern Istria.

This project combines ecology and aesthetics, so our glamping guests can also enjoy land-art by a renowned artist Robert Pauletta along with birdwatching. The picturesque area in which the resort is located thus becomes a sort of an outdoor museum, as such unique in Croatia. At the same time, the resort further enhances its exceptional offer, thus expressing its social responsibility and eco-friendly business orientation.

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