Arena Campsites Days

Beginning of August, now traditionally is the time of celebrating Arena Campsites Days. Arena Campsites Days are celebrated through gastronomic and entertainment programmes which additionally enrich camp’s programme and offer. Arena Hospitality Group has specially created a rich sport and recreational programme for their guests in which everyone can participate.

Guests can compete against animators as well as against other guests and the winner will be rewarded. Along the rich sports and recreational programme, AHG traditionally treats their guests with grill and drinks; Adriatic sardines are grilled and Istrian wine is poured, for dessert guests can try typical Istrian pastries. Marking of Arena Camp Days begins with entertainment programme which includes sport games and continues with grill and concerts till late at night.

Arena Campsite day celebration:

7th of August at the Arena Stupice Campsite

8th of August at the Arena Stoja Campsite

9th of August at the Arena Medulin Campsite

10th of August at the Arena Indije Campsite

13th of August at the Arena Runke Campsite

14th of August at the Arena Tašalera Campsite

See you at Arena Campsites!

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