Arena One 99 Glamping – The best camp with the glamping offer in Croatia in 2018

As a part of the traditional tourism event Days of Croatian Tourism, the Tourist Flower awards of the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Economy were awarded. In addition to the classic categories for the best hotel, camping or destination, since this year, several new categories have been introduced due to the emergence of new trends in tourism.

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Arena Campsites Days

Beginning of August, now traditionally is the time of celebrating Arena Campsites Days. Arena Campsites Days are celebrated through gastronomic and entertainment programmes which additionally enrich camp’s programme and offer. Arena Hospitality Group has specially created a rich sport and recreational programme for their guests in which everyone can participate.

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Free bicycles

Arena One 99 Glamping introduces another novelty - city bicycles that are free to use for all glamping guests. All those who want to enjoy and explore the natural beauty of this area can now do it by riding a bicycle inside the glamping. The bikes are lightweight and equipped with fast and light tires. Guests can use them to explore the glamping, to go for a lunch or a swim. They are intended for everyone.

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The idea of installing birdhouses in the newly opened glamping resort Arena One 99 Glamping arose from the collaboration between Arena Hospitality Group and Robert Pauletta, an artist from Pula. A little more than 50 bird houses, all unique and highly aesthetic, create an outdoor museum inside the glamping resort.

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